Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the Sandwich programmes as indicated below:

1. Arts Education Programmes
  1. B.A. (Ed.) English
  1. B.A. (Ed.) Yoruba
  1. B.A (Ed.) History
  1. B.A. (Ed.) Religious Studies
  1. B. Ed. Adult Education


2. Educational Management Programme

  1. B. Ed. Educational Management


3. Guidance and Counselling Programme

          i.            B. Ed. Guidance and Counselling
3. Science and Technical Education   Programmes
  1. B.Sc (Ed.) Biology
  1. B.Sc. (Ed.) Chemistry
  1. B.Sc. (Ed.) Physics
  1. B.Sc. (Ed.) Mathematics
  1. B.Sc. (Ed.) Computer Science
  1. B.Sc. (Ed.) Integrated Science
  1. B.Sc. (Ed.) Human Kinetics
  1. B.Sc. (Ed.) Health         Education
  1. B.Sc. (Ed.) Technical Education



4. Social Science Education   Programmes
  1. B.Sc. (Ed.) Accounting
  1. B.Sc. (Ed.) Economics
  1. B.Sc. (Ed.) Geography
  1. B.Sc. (Ed.) Political Science
  1. B. Ed. Social Studies
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