It is my pleasure welcoming you to the Institute of Education, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria. Its focus is to adequately train individuals who chose career in teacher education and to prepare specialists in all areas of educational practices and produce dedicated, ingenious, enterprising, effective, efficient and committed teachers who are willing to contribute their best to the development of the country.

The Institute has a Sandwich Programme that enables Faculty of Education to offer its regular services to the public and particularly, teachers at the Primary and Secondary School Levels in Ondo State and Nigeria in general. The sandwich programme normally holds during the secondary school terminal holidays and the long vacation of every year. During these periods, both students and lecturers are expected to be free from their regular duties.

The Institute runs a four year programme in the following departments: Arts Education [B.A. (Ed.) English; B.A. (Ed.) Yoruba; B.A. (Ed.), Religious Studies; B. Ed. Adult Education)], Educational Management [B. Ed. Educational Management], Guidance and Counselling [(B. Ed. Guidance and Counselling; B. Ed. Nursery & Primary Education)], Science and Technical Education [(B. Sc. (Ed.) Biology; B. Sc. (Ed.) Chemistry; B. Sc. (Ed.) Physics; B. Sc. (Ed.) Mathematics ; B. Sc. (Ed.) Computer Science; B. Sc. (Ed.) Integrated Science; B. Sc. (Ed.) Human Kinetics; B. Sc. (Ed.) Health Education; B. Sc. (Ed.) Technical Education)] and Social Science Education [(B. Sc. (Ed.) Accounting; B. Sc. (Ed.) Economics; B. Sc. (Ed.) Geography; B. Sc. (Ed.) Political Science; B. Ed. Social Studies)]

It is believed that these programmes will serve the teacher demand needs in Nigeria. Graduates of the Institute are deemed to be adequately prepared to inculcate in the students the spirit and attitude of inquiry, creativity and the ability to effectively solve personal and professional problems. They have also been trained to meet the needs and challenges of secondary schools in Nigeria.

Thank you for visiting us.

Moyosola Jude Akomolafe (Ph.D)

Acting Director, Institute of Education.